Solar LED Garden Light

Solar LED Garden Light

solar LED garden light is easy to install and maintain, no need to lay underground cables, no need to pay for lighting electricity, stable and reliable work, no management, long service life and energy saving.

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Product Description

solar LED garden light are widely used in such places as urban squares,attractions park,residential quarters,university campus and factory areas and pedestrian streets for lighting and decoration,which is various in forms,beautiful and elegant .Easy in installation and maintenance ,without the need for laying of underground cables,no need for paying electricity fee for lighting,stable and reliable in working ,without need for management,long service life and energy-saving.Thus making them the ideal road and landscape lighting lamps and a green renewable energy products advocated strongly in society today!

solar LED garden light

solar LED garden light Most common design:

Buried PVC battery box can avoid both excessively high temperature due to sunlight exposure and excessively low temperature in winter. In this case, batteries can work at an almost consistent temperature (about 25℃). As a result, service life of batteries can be extended by a large margin. 

Specific parameter configuration of solar led garden light

solar LED garden light

The pole material of solar led garden light:
The main materials of garden light poles are: equal diameter steel pipe, heterosexual steel pipe, equal diameter aluminum pipe, cast aluminum pole, and aluminum alloy pole. The commonly used diameters are Φ60, Φ76, Φ89, Φ100, Φ114, Φ140, Φ165. According to the height and the place used, the selected material thickness is divided into: wall thickness 2.5, wall thickness 3.0, wall thickness 3.5. (The above are regular sizes)

The flange plate is an important component for the garden light pole and the ground installation. Garden light installation method: Before installing the garden light, it is necessary to weld the basic cage with M16 or M20 (common specifications) screws according to the standard flange size provided by the manufacturer, and then dig a hole of appropriate size at the installation site. The base cage is placed in it. After the level is corrected, cement concrete is used to pour to fix the base cage. After 3-7 days, the cement concrete is fully solidified and the garden lights can be installed. (Note: The embedded pipeline needs to be led out when the courtyard light foundation is poured).

Installation steps of solar led garden light:
When installing the garden light, open the package, check the integrity of the garden light, and refer to the product manual for assembly and wiring. The general steps are: open the lamp housing, install the light source and supporting electrical appliances (refer to the electrical manual for electrical wiring), and route the lead wires Lead the threading hole to the bottom of the light pole, and then connect the lamp head to the light pole. Pay attention to tighten the fastening screws, and then align the flange of the courtyard lamp with the screw of the foundation embedded part and stand vertically. Then tighten the mounting nut after leveling with a nut or pad.

Garden lamp circuit wiring:
After the garden light is installed, you can refer to the manual and electrical specifications to perform the wiring work. It should be noted that the installation wiring needs to be grounded. Generally, the grounding terminal is reserved for the garden light to prevent safety hazards.


What kind of material is better for solar led garden lights
The shaft is a very important part of the major components of the courtyard lamp, so what kind of material is the best for the courtyard lamp shaft? There are roughly three types of pole materials for courtyard lights, one is aluminum courtyard lights, the other is iron courtyard lights, and there is also a common steel courtyard light. The three production processes are somewhat different, the abrasives are different, and the construction period is different. It is also different, the degree of complexity is also different, and of course the effect is different. If you want to say which is better, you must first consider the customer's feelings. If the customer likes European style, then choose cast aluminum and cast iron. If the customer pays attention to firmness and quality, then decisively choose steel courtyard lights. There are reasons, and there are also reasons. Let’s analyze it mainly from the firmness, the price of courtyard lights, and the workmanship.

Robustness. Aluminum has a low boiling point and strong flexibility. It is easy to deform when exposed to high temperatures. Compared with steel, it has a slightly weaker firmness. Generally not recommended for use in windy areas. The wall thickness of the steel material can be increased, the stability is high, the supporting force is strong, the wind resistance is up to 36km/s, and the earthquake resistance is above 8.8.
The price of courtyard lights, the complex production process of cast aluminum, the high cost of materials, and the peculiar shape have several advantages, so the price is relatively 3 to 6 times higher than that of steel courtyard lights. In terms of shape, the cast aluminum courtyard lamp may not be the most beautiful and peculiar. The landscape courtyard lamp made of steel materials is also very beautiful.
Workmanship. The workmanship of cast aluminum and cast iron is much more complicated than that of steel materials. Here we will analyze it with the topic of aluminum. First, the aluminum is fired into a liquid, and then the liquid is transformed into a shape by a special abrasive tool. In the middle, various patterns are engraved on the aluminum rod. After it is dried, it is galvanized and sprayed. The construction period and complexity are more than steel materials. The steel material is just cut into the required cone-shaped plates with a steel plate through a shearing machine, and then rolled into a light pole by a plate rolling machine, and then welded, polished and other processes are used to make it look beautiful. After completion, galvanized and sprayed.
Of course, no matter what material it is, solar led courtyard lights are the first of landscaping and landscape lighting projects, and they can all become landscape courtyard lights.

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