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  • lawn light led solar Product name:Hot sell die-casting aluminium led solar garden bollard lawn light,Application:Garden, Garden,Park,Square Warranty:3 Years Power:30W~300W

  • The fully-adjustable 180-degree adjustable device for solar LED lawn light allows the lighting to be used exactly where it is needed, and captures sunlight at the best angle for charging; it is automatically turned off 24/7 to provide lighting when needed.

  • LED lawn lights has both lighting function and decorative function. It is suitable for every corner of the living space, and plays an important role in embellishment and illumination. It seems that LED lawn light has a decorative landscaping effect in PK.

  • The cost of Led garden lights will be better than that of high pressure sodium lamp. Compared with high pressure nano lamp with 6 meter LED garden light, the power consumption of high pressure nano lamp is about 250 watts, LED only needs 60 watts, in the service life part, high pressure sodium lamp average About 4,000 hours, but LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours.

  • LED Solar disk light led Lawn Light Solar Ground light for garden(LED outdoor lawn solar ground light) * Quality is our culture. * All in one garden solar light saving more than 75% than the tradtional lamp..

  • New design outdoor LED lawn light is used for landscape functional lighting such as trails, secondary garden roads, home roads, lawns, etc. The height of the lamps is generally 0.4-1m, the effective illumination radius is 3-5m, the arrangement spacing is controlled within 10m, and the layout points should be in the shrubs. Concealed installation.