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  • The lighting standard level of Smart multi functional Lighting Pole on the same road will change over time, and the traffic flow will become variable. For example, some new development roads may have lower brightness at the beginning of the corridor. Over time or after monitoring traffic, a threshold is turned on.

  • Material used for street light post: steel, hot rolled steel, Q235, Q345, S235, S355, SS400, Gr 50 Widely used in roads, avenues, streets, highways, parks, squares; all light pole surfaces are treated with hot-dip galvanized antirust powder, using advanced submerged arc welding technology, concrete foundation or direct-em anchor bolt Bottom plate.

  • Multifunction lamp pole for street lighting with WIfi, Camera, Emergency Call , EV charge Quick Details: Place of Origin:Guangdong, China Brand Name:Liangtu Material : Q235,Q345, Aluminum, SS400 Type:Single-arm Application:Square, Street,Square,expressway etc,. Product name:Smart street light pole Height:4-15m

  • 3m 4m 5m 6m 8m 10m 12m 15m hot galvanized steel street light Product Description 1. Material: Hot rolled steel, Q235,Q345,S235,S355,SS400,Gr 50 2. Yield strength of Material: Minimum yield strength>=235n/mm2 for Q235, S235 and SS400;Minimum yield strength>=345n/mm2 for Q345 S355 and Gr 50 3. Pole’s height: 3m –12m 4. Length of one part: Within 16m once forming without slip joint 5. Wall thickness: 2.3mm-10mm 6. Pole's Shape Can be made: Round, Tapered round, Round conical

  • HDG galvanized Steel High Mast Lighting Pole with lifting system High lamp series lighting is the most widely used in the large area lighting project which is the most effective form of a light source configuration, mainly is suitable for the ports, airports, high ways, urban square, multi-layer interoperable overpass, stadium, etc need large area focus lighting places, is a functional lighting products. Main rod is made of high qualified steel plate manufacturing, lamp plate frame type, enclosed, ball type, landscape a variety of forms, such as more than 25meters high, concentrated light, intensity of illumination, create similar daytime visibility conditions, lighting , light and high uniformity.

  • LED High Mast Lighting Pole for airport,15m 18m 20m 25m 30m 35m 40m LED High Mast Lighting Pole for airport, airport 20 25 30 meter high pole light for highway.Large area lighting, lighting effect is good, light source centralized, uniform illumination,glare is small , easy to control, repair.