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High pole lamp manufacturers talk about the service life of solar street lamps

High pole lamp manufacturers analyzed that with the increasing shortage of traditional energy sources, the use of solar energy will become more and more widespread. Especially in just a few years, the field of solar power generation has developed into a complex industry.

1: One of the most important links to restrict the use of solar energy is price. Let us take the two-channel solar street light as an example. The two-channel load is 60 watts. (The useful light in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River is 4.5 hours/day, and the discharge at night. 7 hours, increase the reserve of solar panels by 20) The solar panels need about 160 W, which is already 20 yuan per watt, and the cost of the solar panels will be 3200 yuan. In addition, the battery cost of about 180 AH is also about 1800. The one-time investment cost of the entire street lamp is much higher than that of the urban circuit lamp, which constitutes the main bottleneck of the application of solar street lamps.

2: Battery life should also be considered in the use of the entire solar street light system. The warranty period of ordinary batteries is three to five years, but the requirements cannot be met within one to six months. For some actual charges, the rate may be reduced to around 50, which will definitely affect the normal lighting at night in continuous rainy days, so it is particularly important to choose a better battery.

3: Some engineering companies often choose LED lights as lighting fixtures for solar street lights, but the quality of LED lights is uneven, and severely dimmed LEDs will reduce the illuminance by 50 within half a year. Therefore, be sure to choose LED lights with slower light decay.

4: The choice of controller is usually a problem that engineering companies ignore. The quality of the controller is not uniform. The market price of a 12V/10A controller is between RMB 100 and RMB 200, although it is the lowest price in the entire street lighting system. Part, but this is a very important link. The quality of the controller directly affects the service life of the solar street light system components and the cost of ownership of the entire system.

One: You should choose a controller with lower power consumption. The controller works continuously for 24 hours. If your own power consumption is large, it will consume some power. It is best to choose a controller that consumes less than 1 mA (MA).

Two: Choose a controller with high charging power. The controller with MCT charging mode can automatically track the maximum current of the battery panel. Especially in winter or under low light conditions, the power of MCT charging mode is about 20 higher than other charging modes.

Third: Choose a controller with two power distribution sources. The distribution controller has been widely promoted. It can automatically turn off one or two lights when the demand for pedestrians exceeds demand at night. It can also power LED lights. In addition to selecting the above-mentioned power-saving function, attention should also be paid to the protection function of the controller to the battery and other components. For example, the controller in trick charging mode can well protect the battery, increase battery life and other settings for controller undervoltage. Regarding the protection value, please try to set the undervoltage protection value to 11.1V to prevent the battery from over-discharging.

5: In places far away from urban areas, you should also pay attention to theft prevention operations. Due to engineering negligence, many engineering companies failed to carry out useful anti-theft operations, resulting in the theft of batteries, panels and other components, which not only affected normal lighting, but also caused unnecessary property losses. In engineering cases, most of the stolen batteries are batteries. Buried in the ground and poured with cement is a useful anti-theft method. It is best to weld and reinforce the battery box on the light pole.

6: The controller is waterproof. The controller is usually installed in a lampshade or battery box, and water is usually not allowed to enter. However, in actual engineering situations, because rainwater flows into the controller along the connection line, the connection line of the controller terminal is often short-circuited. Therefore, during the construction process, you need to be careful to bend the inner connecting wire into a "U" shape and fix it, and the outer connecting wire can also be fixed into a "U" shape, so that rainwater cannot enter the controller and short-circuit it. Others can also be For internal and external, apply waterproof glue on the interface.

7: In the practical application of many solar street lights, many local solar street lights cannot meet the normal lighting needs, especially in rainy days. In addition to using inferior related components, another main reason is to blindly reduce component costs, do not plan equipment according to needs, and reduce the application standards of battery panels and batteries, so street lights cannot provide lighting in rainy days. [The above content is organized and released by the high pole lamp manufacturer]