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How to correctly choose the material and specifications of LED street light poles

When choosing an LED street light, the street light pole must meet the normal specifications and standards so that the LED street light can be used successfully and safely, unless the lamp head parameter is a street light pole. Let us discuss the choice of materials and specifications for the lamp post.

Traditional types of lamp posts are round and tapered. Cylinder refers to the upper and lower caliber of the same diameter. These are usually used when the pole height is not high. Conical column refers to the upper and lower caliber. Usually used when the height of the pillar is high. In some cases, spinal rods have better mechanical strength and wind resistance than round rods.

The oxidation of steel products is so serious that almost all street lamp posts used in the LED street lamp industry are iron products, but different companies have different quality requirements for the products. The company uses experts and technicians to prevent oxidation and deterioration of LED street light poles. Of course, after a series of processing operations, the higher the requirements for the manufacturing process, the higher the price of the corresponding light pole.

How to choose the materials and specifications of LED street light poles

LED street light poles are designed with various heights for customers to choose from. 6m, 8m and 11m are designed to meet different customer engineering needs. In addition, some are less than 6 meters and greater than 11 meters. The wall thickness of the light pole is the thickness of the steel plate used to make the street light pole, and the general specifications are 2mm, 2.5mm, 2.75mm, 3mm, 3.5mm. The wind resistance level of the lamp post is directly related to the height and wall thickness of the lamp post, and can be designed according to customer requirements to meet the corresponding wind resistance requirements of customers.