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Renovation of fixed high pole lighting lamp in port

I. Introduction

High-pole lighting has been developed in the past ten years. With the development of the port business, high-pole lighting has been widely used in various ports. This new facility replaces the old iron frame lighthouse with high-quality lighting and beautiful shapes, reducing land occupation and beautifying the port. The environment has become one of the symbols of the modern port.
Among the high pole lamps used in the port, there are mainly two types of fixed high pole lamps and up and down type high pole lamps whose heads cannot be raised and lowered. Practice has proved that the fixed high-pole lamp has the disadvantages of inconvenient maintenance and prone to safety accidents. How to transform the fixed high pole lamp into a lifting type is a common problem faced by all ports. This article introduces a method of retrofitting the fixed high pole lamp according to the actual situation of Longkou Port.

2. Analysis of the structure of fixed and lifting high pole lamps

1. Fixed high pole lamp structure defect
The pole of the fixed high pole lamp and the lamp head are fastened with bolts, and the lamp head cannot be raised and lowered, so each maintenance requires one or two workers to go to the lamp head of 30 m by the lifting basket for operation. Inconvenient and unsafe.

2. Features of lifting type high pole lamp structure
The head of the lift-type high pole lamp and the pole are connected by a positioning mechanism. Under the action of the power mechanism, the head can move up and down on the pole. The function of the positioning mechanism is to make the lamp head on the top of the pole. The lock is not moving (the power mechanism is no longer stressed) is in a working state; under the action of the power mechanism, it can move out of position and fall to the bottom of the light pole for maintenance.
From the above analysis, it can be seen that the positioning mechanism is the most important mechanism for the up-and-down high pole lamp, and it is also the most critical issue for the transformation of the fixed high pole lamp.

3. An introduction to a reliable positioning mechanism

The current up-and-down type high pole lamp uses various positioning mechanisms. In my practical work, the author designed a positioning claw mechanism with a simple structure and reliable action. The principle of action is as follows:
Positioning locking claws are installed on the frame of the lamp cap. The locking claws can rotate freely on the rotating shaft. Under the action of gravity, the locking claws maintain the free state shown in Figure 1.

Install the positioning lock seat as shown in Figure 2 on the pole of the high pole lamp. The lock seat should be firm and reliable, and maintain a certain corresponding relationship with the locking claws on the lamp head through other mechanisms.

Under the action of the power mechanism, the lamp head rises along the lamp pole. When the lamp head approaches the top of the lamp pole, the locking claw on the lamp head contacts the surface A of the lock seat on the lamp pole, as shown in Figure 3 It is turned clockwise by a certain angle, so as to pass the lock seat.
When the locking claw is within the range of the C surface of the lock base, stop the ascent of the lamp head and let it descend.The right end of the locking claw will slide along the C surface, and finally be locked at the intersection of the C surface and the B surface, that is, the lamp head is The light pole interlock is in working condition, as shown in Figure 4.
If you want to drop the lamp head, you must keep the free state shown in Figure 1 under the action of gravity after the lock claw of the power mechanism is released from the lock seat. In order to make the positioning of the lamp head reliable, generally press 1 200 cloth on the lamp head and the lamp pole respectively, install a locking claw and three locking seats.
According to the above principle, since 1994, we have designed and manufactured a 5H D 30 type up and down type high pole lamp. The use of several years has proved that this type of up and down type high pole lamp is simple to operate, convenient to maintain, and safe and reliable.

4. Retrofit of fixed high pole lamp

From the previous discussion, it can be seen that the key problem of the fixed high pole lamp transformation is to install the positioning claw mechanism on the fixed high pole lamp, that is, the lock claw is installed on the lamp head, and the lock seat is installed on the lamp pole.
Because the high pole lamp is an important equipment for the operation of the wharf, it takes a long time to transform the fixed high pole lamp. This will inevitably affect the production of the wharf. In order to solve this problem, we adopted the method of "making new" and "changing the old" in the specific transformation. Practice has proved that this method of reforming the fixed high pole lamp can better solve the contradiction between transformation and production .
The specific process of transformation:
1. First of all, according to the port's construction, reconstruction plan, expansion, reconstruction of the dock, and the cargo yard, whether it needs to be installed, first let the lamp head rise a certain distance, when the locking claw is raised to the surface, stop rising and start to lower the lamp head, the locking claw is in When falling, it contacts the D surface of the lock base, and will rotate counterclockwise by a certain angle, so as to pass the lock base, so that the lamp head can be smoothly lowered to the bottom of the rod, as shown in Figure 5. Install high pole lights to determine the fixed high pole lights retrofit plan.
2. According to the actual production progress, arrange the production of descending high pole lamps in advance.
3. According to the production status and work arrangement of the wharf, the fixed high pole lights to be renovated will be completely unloaded from the foundation.
4. Install the up-and-down high pole lights that have been made on the berth, and it will take about two days before they can be used.
5. Carry the unloaded fixed high pole lamp back to the factory, and carry out reconstruction to make it a lifting type high pole lamp.
6. Use the rebuilt high pole lamp for the new location or the next place to be rebuilt. According to the above steps, we took advantage of the opportunity of installing a high pole lamp for the rolling head of the new passenger at Longkou Port to transform the two fixed high pole lamps on our coal yard head. And achieved good results.

V. Ending language

This article introduces some of the author's experience in the practical work of the fixed high pole lamp reconstruction. This will have a certain reference value for the transformation of the fixed high pole lamp (especially the fixed high pole lamp used in the port).