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Appropriate way to install lithium battery solar street light

The installation method of lithium battery solar street lights is very important. The appropriate method is to refer to the road lighting installation rules for installation and construction. It is also necessary to closely connect with the specific conditions of the installation site to develop an appropriate and reasonable lithium battery solar street light installation method. The installation staff will have the wrong view of installation. Next, the editor will explain in detail the proper way of installing lithium battery solar street lights for everyone.
1. Lithium battery solar street light installation address
Lithium battery solar street lights, the most important thing for solar garden lights is to receive the best light, so the location of the store is changed to the first common failure in the entire process of lithium battery solar street light installation. At the installation site, first check whether there are any obstructions and roadblocks near the roadbed, there can be no multi-layer buildings with flowers and trees and roadblocks that can affect the direct light source, and it cannot be installed in the backlight area.
2. Part of the roadbed of the lithium battery solar street light

The size and reliability of the roadbed of lithium battery solar street lamps. Whether the reliability of the roadbed immediately affects the safety performance of the street lamp, so the roadbed should strictly abide by the specific operations of the engineering drawings and try to grasp the important data statistics such as specifications, models, dimensions, materials, etc. The color of farmland near the roadbed of lithium battery solar street light.

3. Part of the assembly line of lithium battery solar road lamps
Lithium battery solar street lights must not be allowed to have terminals inside the street lights during the entire process of wiring. All electrode connection lines should be a detailed line as much as possible. In the whole process of wire installation, pay attention to small tricks as far as possible. It is strictly forbidden to pull hard and pull, to prevent the end of the cable wire support or the cable sheath from cracking and generating electricity.
4. Solar street light pole installation
Before installing the solar street light pole, try to remember to check all the power plugs once to see if there is a power-on condition, and if so, correct it as soon as possible. Try to be as safe as possible during the entire process of the column. During the entire process of tightening the anchor line screws, adjust the orientation of the street lamp and the ground leveling. After the completion of all work, try to tighten the anchor screw again, and it will not move beyond the firmness.