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What are the components of the lithium battery solar street light?

Under the core concept of modern people in today's era continuously pursuing perfect environmental protection, environmental protection, energy saving, and health, solar street lights have entered the daily life of modern people. Nowadays, many regions in the era are using lithium battery The street lamp has also entered the sales market, and has won general approval in the sales market. Then let me introduce to you guys what parts are made of lithium battery solar street lights.

1. The lithium battery solar street light is based on the basic principle of photoelectric conversion. It absorbs light and heat according to the photovoltaic module during the day, converts it into electrical energy according to the control system, and stores it in the energy storage battery. At night, it transmits the electrical energy to the light control or time control system LED light source, so that it lights up at a suitable time at night.

2. The solar street light system is composed of led light source (including driver), solar panel, battery (including battery incubator), solar street light controller, street light pole (including foundation) and auxiliary wire.
3. All the components of the solar system are mutually helping each other and are indispensable. The lack of one will cause the system to be unable to perform routine tasks. This requires that the solar street lamp manufacturers must not be sloppy when manufacturing. We must do our best in every production and manufacturing link of enterprise products, and do our best in every component.
4. Lithium battery solar street lights can also intelligently optimize the calculation of the remaining battery capacity, weather conditions, day and night time and other factors according to customer needs, reasonably allocate power levels, and realize functions such as light control, time control and storage memory, which can ensure ten Lights continuously on rainy days.
Lithium battery solar street lights have already become more common lighting tools in road lighting today.