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Aging resistance of traffic sign poles


Nowadays, the utilization rate of roads has followed the development of social development, and road machinery and equipment have fully exerted a very crucial practical effect in maintaining the safety of the road. We can see signs on one way and another on highways and village journeys, and the traffic sign poles plays the actual effect that allows us to see this sign. The actual effect of the traffic sign post during the journey can be as great as Seeing that the sign post on the road is open-air, it should be exposed to the outside for a long time, and the wind and the sun. In this case, it is very likely that the sign post will age.

Nowadays, some traffic sign poles on the road surface are likely to be aging, so they need to be replaced from the beginning, but now the sign posts produced by high-tech can prevent such a situation, for example, the sign posts on the guardrail will have a layer The dark gray paste is on the top, the paper is wiped on the top, and the sign bar is suddenly brighter, so that it can be applied for a long time.
After inspection, it was found that the road surface could only be seen clearly when the headlights on the vehicle passed. In addition to the reflective devices on the road, many of the reflective circles on the guardrail posts are gone, which makes it difficult for some people to travel at night.