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High pole light | Solar LED street light | Chinese light source split method

The number of light sources for high pole lights, solar LED street lights, and Chinese lights is between 4-100, and the power of a single light source between 40w-1000w is most commonly used.

Depending on the height of the high pole lights, solar LED street lights, and Chinese lights, the number and power of light sources will vary. Let's take a high pole light with a height of 28 meters. Generally, high pole lights of this height should be read. To achieve the ideal lighting effect, if it is equipped with low-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps, this must settle at least 12-18 400w light sources, although we have also seen a 27-meter high-pole lamp setting equipment setting 96 This light source is definitely a low-pressure sodium lamp, but a single 45w led flood light.

For the high pole lamp, the height of the tube is 18 meters or 35 meters, and the tube light source is a low-pressure sodium lamp. It is probably a led lamp. The only thing that can be sure is that it can only provide comfortable lighting effects and the power of the lamp. No matter how big, no matter how many, there are results. Solar high pole lights, solar LED street lights, Chinese lights are highly affected by their own, it is not wrong to think that a large amount of energy will be annihilated in order to achieve a beautiful lighting effect, but after some process, is it possible to reduce the annihilation of power to the lowest point? It is the termination of legal shunting for large-scale light sources.
        High-rise pole lights, solar LED street lights, and Chinese lanterns have a switchboard. The switchboard usually has a number of time controllers. These controllers are used to terminate the light source. After passing through these controllers, The unique power can be practical and thrifty, but this has been ignored by many people. Because more branches means more wires and more cumbersome wiring, but considering the energy saving factors, it is still worth the effort. Dropped.

For example, this 28-meter high-pole lamp has 18 400w low-pressure sodium lamps. So, can we divide it into three paths, that is, 6 lamps per block. According to summer, because it is just playing in the dark hour park There are many people coming out at the same time, which requires too high lighting brightness. At this time, you only need to open two channels to be able to relax and enthusiastically plead, and gradually increase the number of people who play by hand from 8:00 at night. The three-way light source is turned on, enough to illuminate the whole square. After 10 o'clock, people hurried away. Whether to close the two roads at this time, the park is a little brighter. People who come out to play after 11:30 will return home. It is no good to burn the last piece.

The setting method of the time controller is as follows: set the two controllers to the same opening time, the US Open at 19:00 and close at 22:00. Another piece of equipment is set to open at 20:00 and close at 23:30. After the process, such a unique lighting is more legal than the full-hour lighting at full power, and we still don't know the remaining power of a year.

         Many street lamp pole manufacturers have come to consider these power-saving factors. Because, like many people say a mantra, they have their own electricity anyway. This is a social phenomenon that degrades the inferiority of our nation, but echoes it in a sense. In reality, we should completely change this obscured thinking. Because of the infinite energy, it is the responsibility of each of us to create a livelihood of frugal life.
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