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Definition, use and maintenance of attached traffic sign posts?

Yangzhou Langxu Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing various traffic sign poles. The following manufacturers introduce the definition of attached traffic sign posts. Attachable hot-dip galvanized traffic sign poles are signs attached to the upper span bridge and nearby structures. There are two types of attachment type, road test attachment type according to the location of the attached layout.
The installation height of the attached traffic sign poles shall meet the requirements of GB3.12.1 and GB3.12.3. If the sign support structure is located in the clear area on the side of the road, it should be ensured that vehicles leaving its roads constitute a hazard, otherwise a ladder-effective structure or corresponding protection and warning facilities should be adopted. Use and maintenance: 1. The setting (adjustment) of road traffic signs should be completed before the new (reconstruction, expansion) road is completed and opened to traffic. The road network related signs on the roads related to this (reconstruction, expansion) road should also It should be adjusted simultaneously to improve the settings. 2. When the road traffic conditions change, the settings of relevant signs should be adjusted in time. Road labels and city road name signs should be used as far as possible so that road users know their routes and locations. 3. The signs should be cleaned and maintained frequently to maintain sufficient reflection performance to ensure visibility. In use, the traffic sign post should also be prevented from being obscured by the number and affected by street lighting. 4. The shape and color of the attached traffic sign pole signs shall comply with the provisions of this section during the period of use.