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Process requirements and parameters set by the latest traffic sign pole manufacturers in 2020

2020-02-22 Author:langxu
Traffic sign pole processing technology requirements and technical parameter descriptions: First, the welding process requires that the entire rod body should be free of cracks, empty welding, continuous air holes, undercuts, etc., and the weld seam should be smooth and flat, without undulations, and no welding defects. Welding flaw detection report shall be provided.

Secondly, the hot-dip galvanizing and anti-corrosion processing technology should use hot-immersed inner and outer surface layers for corrosion treatment, and the thickness of 85um meets GB-T13912-92 standard. The design service life should not be less than 30 years, the hot-dip galvanized surface is smooth, beautiful, and the hue is about the same. It will not peel or peel after the impact test. A hot-dip galvanized inspection report can be provided.

Traffic sign pole

3. Plastic spraying process. The plastic spraying uses outdoor high-purity polyester plastic powder, and the color can be according to user requirements. The quality of the plastic layer is stable, does not fade, and does not fall off. Strong adhesion, resistance to strong solar UV, UV resistance, suitable for cities along the lake and key salinity areas. The design service life is not less than 30 years, and the thickness is 80um, which complies with ASTMD3359-83 standard. Provide plastic spray inspection report. Spray protection requirements: film thickness is not less than 120um, strong adhesion, no peeling, no falling off. The surface layer is smooth and the color is about the same.
5. Design of traffic sign pole anti-wind and shock resistance
a. According to the requirements of bearing the corresponding wind speed, provide the calculation of the force of the pole according to the shape of the lamp pole.
b. The strength and surface structure of the formed square steel used in the rod body must meet the corresponding national standards.
c. Seal the light pole and wrap the top to prevent water ingress.
6, verticality inspection. After the lamp post of the street lamp manufacturer stands upright, the theodolite is used to check the verticality between the lamp post and the horizontal.
7, traffic sign poles look and feel. The shape and size meet the requirements, the overall appearance is beautiful, the surface layer of the traffic sign pole is smooth and consistent, and the color is uniform. The hot-dip galvanized layer is smooth and flat, and the sprayed layer has strong adhesion without peeling.
8. All fixing bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel (except anchor bolts and nuts).
9. The cable passing channel inside the traffic sign pole is unobstructed and easy to thread. There are no sharp edges, burrs, teeth, and the like to avoid damaging the cable.
10. Traffic sign poles and light poles meet the requirements of lightning protection and grounding. 2 Ambient temperature: -15-50 degrees Celsius; Ambient wind speed: 60ms; Earthquake resistance: 8; Corrosion resistance: 30 years.