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Lithium battery solar street light installation process description

Code for Installation and Construction of solar street light
One, fixed position: one question and two look:
1, One question: Ask the related personnel if there are any pipelines, cables and other facilities that hinder construction
2, second look:
Take a look at it: see if there are any obstacles such as cables, wires, and optical cables that hinder the installation and use of the lamp.
Second look: Look at the east, south, and west directions for trees, buildings, and other obstructions that affect the lighting of the lamp.
2. Digging: Read, Draw, Measure
1. First reading: read and understand the basic drawings, construction drawings, point maps and other related drawings.
2. One drawing: Determine the installation position according to the point map, and draw the plane size of the foundation pit at the determined position according to the foundation and construction drawings.
3. First measurement: After the foundation pit is dug, measure the length, width and depth of the pit with a tape measure to ensure that it meets the requirements of the drawing.
Notes: uniform, protect the environment
1. Neat and uniform: The piles of dregs should be arranged uniformly, and should not be randomly stacked or scattered.
2. Protect the environment: The muck is not allowed to be placed directly on the lawn and other green belts. The site must be cleaned up after construction.
Third, make the foundation: three determine, three clean up, three are not allowed
(A) three OK
1. Dimension determination: determine the length, width, and height of the foundation, the exposed dimensions, the height of the bottom corner bolts, the distance between the positioning plate and the corresponding side of the foundation, the exposed dimensions of the conduit, and the inner diameter of the battery compartment.
2. Direction determination: Make sure that the foundation is parallel to the road direction, and make sure that the positioning plate is parallel to the foundation.
3. Appearance determination: Determine the level of the positioning plate, and make sure that the exposed surface of the foundation is smooth.
(B) three cleanup
1. Clean up excess concrete debris in time.
2. Clean up the concrete slag at the bottom of the battery compartment in time.
3. Clean up the concrete on the positioning plate and the bottom corner bolts in time.
(3) Three are not allowed
1. The foundation pit is not the right size to lay the foundation.
2, concrete should not be placed directly on the ground.
3. It is not determined that the dimensions meet the requirements and the next one is not allowed to be cleaned.

4. Lighting installation: clear division of labor, orderly materials, correct assembly, tight connection, detection in place, attention to safety, timely commissioning, and cleaning the site.

Solar street light

1. Clear division of labor when installing solar street lights: clear division of labor in the process of transporting materials, threading, assembling lamp caps, connecting wires, assembling lamp poles, standing lamp poles, fastening, installing batteries, installing controllers, debugging, and cleaning the site Deployment.
2. Ordered materials: All materials are arranged in an orderly manner, which is convenient to access.
3. Assembly is correct: solar street light, light poles, battery components and other related mating components are correctly assembled and the wiring is correctly connected.
4. Connection and tightening: The bolts between the mating parts should be tightened, and the parts should be tightly connected.
5. Detection in place: component connection detection, detection of each power supply, battery connection detection, light source detection, etc. are in place.
6. Pay attention to safety: Pay attention to safety when the poles of solar street lamps and lanterns are safe, including the safety of personnel, items, and the surrounding people, buildings, and cables.
7. Debug in time: Debug in time after installation and make sure the installation is correct.
8. Clean up the scene: After the solar street light is installed, clean up the scene in time, remove all the waste on site, and restore the original appearance of the scene. Personnel must be cleared before leaving.