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Replacing traditional street lamps with LED ones is a blessing or a curse

A good street lighting scheme must be considered:

1. Energy saving, that is, the electricity consumed under the same average illumination, the average illumination can't just be the average illumination of the ground! The light intensity of the space has a good prediction for the vehicle coming from a distance, to prevent traffic accidents! Which of the current installed LED street lights can reach? It's all about saving energy at the expense of illumination. Why is that? In fact, Na lamp is already a very efficient light source, 100-200lm /W, and LED has no advantage over it at present!

2. Environmental temperature control, street lamp used in outdoor, to do waterproof and dustproof, so lamps and lanterns must seal, seal the lamps and lanterns in the temperature of the water vapor in extreme climate conditions of more than 100 degrees, LED to work in such a high temperature environment, according to the current section temperature characteristics of leds, lamps and lanterns of even if you do have to again good, lamp or droop serious must die! All the test reports made by the street lamp companies were conducted at room temperature of 20 or 25 degrees, which could not truly reflect the severity of the use environment.

3. Fog penetration, so far, no any light penetration than the ability of sodium lamp!

4 anti-mosquito, street lamp used in the outdoor, especially if the field is covered with insects, will seriously affect the light effect, and mosquitoes on some wavelengths of light especially like, so moths flame phenomenon, sodium lamp spectrum characteristics to avoid this effect to avoid a phenomenon, and LED can not be avoided!

5. Earthquake and typhoon prevention must be considered. At present, many street lamp replacement projects simply replace the traditional street lamp holder with LED lamp holder, which is a very dangerous practice.

To sum up: LED as a new high-efficiency light source, at present in the replacement of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp has an irreplaceable advantage, but in the replacement of sodium lamp in addition to the color display than sodium lamp strong, no advantage! LED is not omnipotent, please confirm my argument above. Street lamps as public lighting, related to the safety of thousands of people's lives, tens of millions of family happiness, please think! If all roads (especially the main ones) were replaced, accidents would increase dramatically! In case of extreme weather, there will be a large number of dead lights or severe light decay!