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The characteristics of a multi functional Lighting Pole are to perceive the state of the sensor and the state of the environment. A more thorough perception of surveillance cameras, sensors, RFID, data centers, data mining and analysis tools, mobile and handheld devices, computers and multimedia terminals in a lighting environment provides a rich variety of external data.
The multi functional Lighting Pole is the product of the professional division of labor. LED modules, WIFI / micro base stations, monitoring, single-light controllers and other modules, all have mature manufacturers. It is almost impossible for a company to complete the R&D and manufacturing of all modules. The professional division of labor and modular design are the only way for mature industrial products.
multi functional Lighting Pole are actually the carrier for information collection, processing and distribution. multi functional Lighting Pole can bring about the need to save land occupation, integrate resource utilization, and enhance the image of the city. At the same time, module standardization, style diversification, and configuration specialization are the future development directions of multifunction street lamps.
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  • The featured Multi Functional Light Pole can be combined with local cultural characteristics and modern element design to meet the ornamental features, and can also realize various landscape lighting function applications, which can be customized.

  • Multifunction lamp pole for street lighting with WIfi, Camera, Emergency Call , EV charge Quick Details: Place of Origin:Guangdong, China Brand Name:Liangtu Material : Q235,Q345, Aluminum, SS400 Type:Single-arm Application:Square, Street,Square,expressway etc,. Product name:Smart street light pole Height:4-15m

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