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Traffic signs, a road facility that conveys guidance, restrictions, warnings, or instructions with words or symbols. Also known as road signs, road traffic signs. In traffic signs, it is generally an important measure to implement traffic management and ensure road traffic safety and smoothness in a safe, clear, clear and bright traffic sign. There are many types of Langxu lighting traffic signs, which can be divided into: main signs and auxiliary signs; movable signs and fixed signs; lighting signs, luminous signs and reflective signs; and variable information reflecting changes in the driving environment. Sign.

Road traffic signs are divided into two categories: main signs and auxiliary signs.
The main signs are divided into six types: warning signs, prohibition signs, indication signs, guide signs, tourist area signs and road construction safety signs.

warning sign
Serves as a warning. There are 49 kinds. Warning vehicles and pedestrians pay attention to signs of dangerous places. The color is yellow background, black border, black pattern, and the shape is an equilateral triangle with the top corner facing upward.

Prohibition sign

Play a role in prohibiting certain behavior. There are 43 kinds in total. Signs prohibiting or restricting traffic behavior of vehicles and pedestrians. Except for individual signs, the colors are white background, red circle, red bars, black patterns, and pattern bars; the shape is a circle, an octagon, and an equilateral triangle with the top corner down. Set up near road sections or intersections where vehicles and pedestrians need to be prohibited or restricted.

Act as an indicator. There are 29 categories. A sign indicating the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. The color is a blue background and a white pattern; the shapes are divided into circles, rectangles and squares; they are set up near road sections or intersections where vehicles and pedestrians need to be instructed.

Guide signs
Play a guiding role. There are 146 kinds in total. A sign that conveys road direction, location, and distance information. The colors are generally blue and white except for milestones and hundred-meter piles; highways are generally green and white; shapes are generally rectangles and squares, except for location identification signs, milestones, and junction signs. Set up near road sections or intersections that need to transmit road direction, location, and distance information.

Tourist area sign
There are 17 categories. Provide signs of the direction and distance of tourist attractions. The color is brown and white character pattern; the shape is rectangle and square. Tourist area signs can be divided into two categories: guide signs and tourist signs, which are set up near road sections or intersections that need to indicate the direction and distance of tourist attractions.

Road construction safety signs
A sign notifying the passage of road construction areas. To remind vehicle drivers and pedestrians to pay attention. There are 26 kinds. Among them, there are a total of 20 types of road construction zone signs, which are used to notify highway and general road traffic interruptions, detours, etc. Set in a proper position before road construction, maintenance, etc.

Auxiliary sign
Auxiliary signs are signs set up to maintain driving safety and smooth traffic when the main signs cannot fully express or indicate their contents. They are white background, black lettering, black border, rectangular in shape, attached under the main signs, for auxiliary explanation effect.

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  • Traffic Sign are the use of graphical symbols and words to convey specific information, to manage traffic, to indicate driving directions to ensure smooth roads and driving safety facilities, mainly for roads, urban roads and all special roads, with the nature of laws and regulations Vehicles and pedestrians must comply.

  • High Quality Reflective Aluminum PVC Traffic Road Warning Sign for Safety dIfferent road need different grade of reflective materails:For highway, may always use diamond grade or HIP reflective sheeting.For city road, HIP or EGP grade reflective sheeting will be good enough.For country road, most people would like to choose commercial grade reflective sheeting.

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