Solar lawn light Manufacturers

Solar lawn light is a kind of green energy lamp, which is characterized by safety, energy saving, environmental protection and convenient installation. Solar lawn light is mainly composed of a light source, a controller, a battery, a solar battery module and a lamp body. The light is stored in the battery through the solar cell under the illumination of the light, and the battery power is sent to the load LED through the controller in the absence of light. Applicable to the residential community green grass landscaping lighting embellishment, park lawn beautification embellishment.

      solar lawn light has a beautiful appearance and convenient installation. The use of LED energy-saving lamp heads is also more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is very suitable for garden greening and family courtyard use.

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  • The fully-adjustable 180-degree adjustable device for solar LED lawn light allows the lighting to be used exactly where it is needed, and captures sunlight at the best angle for charging; it is automatically turned off 24/7 to provide lighting when needed.

  • LED Solar disk light led Lawn Light Solar Ground light for garden(LED outdoor lawn solar ground light) * Quality is our culture. * All in one garden solar light saving more than 75% than the tradtional lamp..

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