Smart multi functional Lighting Poles Manufacturers

Smart multi functional Lighting Poles” means: installing a variety of different IoT devices on the street light pole: such as public security traffic monitoring, alarm button, pollutant monitoring, environmental sensors, weather, medical assistance, WIFI, broadcasting, information screen, charging IoT equipment such as piles and big data collection is integrated. This is called “Smart multi functional Lighting Poles”.
       These carriers must be installed under the conditions of the front levee to ensure the safe operation of road lighting, because street lighting is the job of the street lamp industry, and others are related to the management of the city, which is exactly what the smart city is building in China. But the product itself has no technological innovation, but a model innovation that integrates various technologies into the street light pole. This form makes full use of the ubiquitous advantages of streetlight poles in the city, resource sharing, and the use of streetlight poles as carriers, interconnecting, providing a means to improve urban intelligent management and speed up the response. But these functions have nothing to do with the street lights, and it does not mean that this is the so-called "smart street light".

       As a model of innovation, the creativity is very good. In the future, such products will play a very big role in building a smart city, and the market space for products is huge.

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  • The lighting standard level of Smart multi functional Lighting Pole on the same road will change over time, and the traffic flow will become variable. For example, some new development roads may have lower brightness at the beginning of the corridor. Over time or after monitoring traffic, a threshold is turned on.

  • MPPT Solar charge controller with LED driver and microwave sensor and GPRS&LORA Remote Monitoring for Integrated solar Smart Street Lighting System

  • Multifunction lamp pole for street lighting,Material:Regular Aluminum Or Stainless stell Q235B/A36,minimum yield strength≥235n/mm².Mounting height:3m-12m.Shape of pole:Round conical; Octagonal conical; Straight square;Tubular stepped; Polygonal. Thickness:3mm-10mm.Brackets:Single or double brackets are in the shape and dimension.

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