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The monitor bar is a column bracket for outdoor surveillance camera installation. Road monitoring is usually done using a height of 6 meters and a cross arm of 1 meter. There is no special case for all the monitoring parts of the pre-embedded concrete is C25砼, and the steel bars are in line with the national standard and subject to wind requirements. The cement is 425 ordinary Portland cement. The proportion of concrete and the minimum amount of cement should meet the requirements of GBJ204-83;
The monitoring rod must have a good grounding. It is best to add the lead to the ground (recommended conductive does not go through the rod body), its grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms; the threaded band above the flange of the embedded part anchor bolt is good to prevent damage to the thread. According to the installation diagram of the embedded parts, the embedded parts of the monitoring poles are correctly placed to ensure that the protruding direction of the arms is perpendicular to the driving lane (or according to the requirements of the engineer), and the anchor bolts are used as the main rib; the flat surface of the concrete pouring surface of the monitoring rod foundation is less than 5 mm. /m Try to keep the level of the pole embedded. The embedded flange is 20~30 mm lower than the surrounding ground, and the reinforcing rib is covered with C25 fine stone shovel to prevent water accumulation;
Hand hole wells must be provided when the pole, the control box, the cable bend, the straight length of the cable tube exceeds 50 meters, or the cable tubes at both ends are not more than 100 mm apart from each other. The inner circumference of the hand hole is required to be 500 (length) × 500 (width) × 600 (deep) MM, and the gravel layer is used for water seepage; the wall of the hand hole must be smeared with cement mortar.
The control box is equipped by the equipment manufacturer according to the required capacity. The shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate with a wall thickness of not less than 1.2mm and is sprayed with outdoor plastic powder and waterproof and anti-theft. Structural steel shall not affect the material and mechanical properties of cracks, delamination, heavy leather, slag inclusions, etc. The depth of the pitting or scratch shall not exceed 1/2 of the negative tolerance of the steel thickness, and shall not exceed 0.5 mm.
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