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The lawn light uses LED as the light source. The LED has a long service life and can reach more than 100,000 hours. The working voltage is low, which is very suitable for application on the lawn lamp. In particular, LED technology has undergone its key breakthroughs, and its characteristics have been greatly improved in the past five years, and its performance price ratio has also been greatly improved. In addition, the LED is powered by low-voltage DC, and its light source control cost is low, which makes it possible to adjust the brightness and darkness, and frequent switching is possible, and does not adversely affect the performance of the LED. It also makes it easy to control the color of light, change the classification of light, and create a dynamic phantom, so it is especially suitable for lawn lights.

The lawn light source and power system design method Due to the unique advantages of lawn lamp, it is mainly used for decoration purposes, and it is suitable for sites with high mobility requirements, difficult circuit laying and high waterproof requirements. These make lawn lights powered by solar cells show many unprecedented advantages.

Type introduction:
Lawn lights are derived from different types according to the use environment and design styles, which are divided into six categories: European lawn lights, modern lawn lights, classical lawn lights, anti-theft lawn lights, landscape lawn lights, and LED lawn lights.

European style lamp
Its design style mostly adopts some European art elements from European countries, and adds abstract expressions.
Modern lights
Its design style mostly adopts modern artistic elements and adopts simple techniques to express.
Classical lamp
Its design mostly uses Chinese classical elements, which are used and modified, such as palace lanterns.
These three types of lawn lights represent different styles and are derived by most manufacturers to cater to the design style of urban buildings.
Anti-theft light
Its design is to prevent certain criminal groups from stealing and selling lawn lights. Anti-theft lawn lights are mostly made of polymer composite materials, which are slightly stronger and more corrosive than steel and aluminum, but they are expensive.
Craft lamp
Traditional lawn lights use plastic or metal materials too much, and their shapes are mainly modern, simple and classic. The craft lawn lamp incorporates the elements of handicrafts on the basis of the traditional lawn lamp, and the shape is more abundant. Its design is mostly courtyard decoration, supplemented by the lighting function. Product materials include glass, iron, resin, Eva, plastic and comprehensive materials. The main design elements are flowers, animals, characters, and holiday themes.

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 lawn light

1. Strengthen the training of maintenance personnel
On the one hand, urban lawn lights are closely related to the lives of citizens. The quality of their operation directly affects the image of the party and the government. Education must be carried out to improve maintenance personnel's awareness of lawn lamp maintenance and enhance their sense of responsibility. On the other hand, with the accelerated technological progress of urban lawn lights and the extensive use of new technologies, maintenance personnel are required to continuously update their maintenance expertise to meet the needs of the work.
2. Speed up the update of maintenance equipment
The expansion of the city, the increase in the number of lawn lights and the increase in service areas have greatly increased the workload of maintenance personnel. Without increasing the number of personnel, it is necessary to continuously improve and update maintenance equipment to improve work efficiency.
3. Implement a maintenance target responsibility system
On the basis of delimiting the lawn light management area, the maintenance responsibility system is implemented at various levels to assign personnel, positions, and responsibilities. Regular inspections and regular maintenance are required. Where problems occur, the responsibility of whoever is found.
4. Strengthen law enforcement and investigation
On the one hand, speed up the formulation of regulatory documents on lawn lamp management to create conditions for legal management; on the other hand, the joint urban management department has increased law enforcement on lawn lights, severely investigated and dealt with acts of damaging lawn lamp facilities, and ensured the normal operation of lawn lamp facilities.

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  • solar lights for garden /solar lights for garden Product name:Hot sell die-casting aluminium led solar garden bollard lawn light,Application:Garden, Garden,Park,Square Warranty:3 Years Power:30W~300W

  • lawn light led solar Product name:Hot sell die-casting aluminium led solar garden bollard lawn light,Application:Garden, Garden,Park,Square Warranty:3 Years Power:30W~300W

  • The fully-adjustable 180-degree adjustable device for solar LED lawn light allows the lighting to be used exactly where it is needed, and captures sunlight at the best angle for charging; it is automatically turned off 24/7 to provide lighting when needed.

  • LED lawn lights has both lighting function and decorative function. It is suitable for every corner of the living space, and plays an important role in embellishment and illumination. It seems that LED lawn light has a decorative landscaping effect in PK.

  • LED Solar disk light led Lawn Light Solar Ground light for garden(LED outdoor lawn solar ground light) * Quality is our culture. * All in one garden solar light saving more than 75% than the tradtional lamp..

  • New design outdoor LED lawn light is used for landscape functional lighting such as trails, secondary garden roads, home roads, lawns, etc. The height of the lamps is generally 0.4-1m, the effective illumination radius is 3-5m, the arrangement spacing is controlled within 10m, and the layout points should be in the shrubs. Concealed installation.

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