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LED wall washer Advantages:
1. Low power consumption, high intensity, and stability.
2. Unique circuit design with strong resistance against static electricity ensures the stability of the light fixture for long lifespan guaranteed.
3. Fashion and pretty appearance and best waterproof design.
4. NO UV,No risk of mercury emission, NO pollution,environmental protection
5.70%-80% energy-saving

6. LED wall washer,Easy to install and use

 LED wall washer LED wall washer

Projection distance: According to the lens 5-20 meters, the smaller the angle, the farther the projection distance.
Beam angle: 6-90 degree floodlight
Mirror surface: glass reflective lens, light transmittance is 98-98%, not easy to fog, can resist UV radiation
The lamp body is made of pure aluminum and has a variety of optional shapes, such as square shape and long strip shape. The optional length can be any: 300, 500, 600, 1000, 1200, 1500mm. Width and height are fixed (1 meter is a regular product)
Protection level: IP65—IP67 (the highest IP68) structured waterproof wall washer can reach I67 effect, with high waterproof and long-term characteristics. Even long-term use will not affect its waterproof performance! !
There are also many types of wall washer shapes, including long strip, round, square, length, and size, which can be selected by yourself. It is suitable for building installation and use of different shapes. The control method is also developed from the original master-slave connection control to support offline or built-in control. The installation method also supports wireless DMX control. The light effect channel of the lamp beads is also upgraded from the original conventional 3 channels to 4 to 20 channels, so that every Groups of lamp beads can be freely configured with luminous effects to achieve different color shaping effects and create completely different visual effects for large buildings!

Power supply specifications: DC and AC can be divided into, generally the built-in power supply is externally connected to AC220V (Japan AC110V) city power, etc., if it is external, it is generally low voltage DC24V, DC12V, DC27V, etc. The voltage is different according to different requirements.
Color specifications: full color, colorful color, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and other colors.
Development trend: Wall washer is mainly developed towards ultra-thin, because the transportation cost of ultra-thin wall washer will be relatively lower, and it is more convenient when working at height.

LED wall washer  LED wall washer

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  • IP65 outdoor easy install1200mm 48W led wall washer light outdoor LED wall washer, light like water washing whole surface of building, architecture with single light or RGB mixing color. And it could be programmed and controlled.

  • Product name:High quality outdoor waterproof ip65 led wall washer light Feature 1:High quality lamp beads Feature 2:Aviation aluminum casing Feature 3:Standard IP65 protection Feature 4:Tempered glass mask

  • LED wall washers ,The simple, stylish and modern design is the embodiment of the traditional and modern abandonment. The luminaire is made of high-strength aluminum, with anti-corrosive electric enamel and electrostatic spray treatment. Longevity.

  • Outdoor light RGB linear LED wall washer Features ☆ Simple, stylish and modern design is the embodiment of tradition and modernity. ☆The lamp is made of high-strength aluminum, the surface is resistant to corrosion and electrostatic spray, self-cleaning and long lasting. ☆The overall design concept and plug-in waterproof design, waterproof and more effective and durable, up to IP66.

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