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The LED buried lamp circuit is provided with overcharge and overdischarge protection functions, which makes the battery last longer and makes the product stable and in good working condition for a long time.
High-performance nickel-cadmium batteries are used. It has a large capacity, high efficiency, and safe exit indicator product overview: The automatic fire emergency sign lamp automatically performs charging work on the battery when the AC power supply is working normally. When the AC power supply fails to supply power due to a fault, the indicator light is in the < In 1 second, it is converted into an emergency state of standby power supply, always making the direction, right direction, and double side.
The LED underground lamp housing and panel are made of non-combustible materials, and the internal connection is made of flame-retardant wire with temperature resistance greater than 125 °C.
The light source adopts high-efficiency and energy-saving LED, which has the advantages of high brightness, low energy consumption, large irradiation area and long life.
LED underground lights are widely used in outdoor lighting such as squares, outdoor parks, and leisure places. Park greening, lawns, squares, courtyards, flower beds, pedestrian street decorations, waterfalls, fountains and other places for night lighting, add luster to life.
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  • Led underground lights​ 1, stainless steel panel It is made of new thick stainless steel and treated by various anti-rust processes. It is waterproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosive, anti-cracking and durable.

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