Integrated solar street light Manufacturers

First of all, the integrated solar street light has a compact structure and various shapes. Because the light source, controller, battery and solar panel of the solar street light system are organically combined, the shape is very compact. Here, a fully integrated solar street light is included. The solar street light source and solar battery, solar panel, controller, etc. are fully integrated on one lamp body, and some functions are integrated and relatively loose as needed to integrate the entire solar street lamp system on the lamp arm.
Second, the increasing fire of integrated solar street lights has a lot to do with the overall cost reduction, because the compact structure combined with the process progress, saving materials and reducing costs.
Third, it is easy to install, saves time and labor, and can be installed on the wall, on the pole, etc., which can be used for good lighting, as long as a few screws can be used.
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  • Quick Details of Integrated LED Solar Street Lights:Warranty(Year):3-YEAR;Lighting solutions service:Lighting and circuitry design, DIALux evo layout, auto CAD layout

  • solar led street light all in one Features: 1. 1500 cycle Li-ion battery,10 years spen life. 2. Support more than 10 rainy days with the best technology ALS2.0 3. Seour SSC led chip, 160W/lumen, lighting angle 140o 4. 3 Lighting Mode for choosing, motion sensor for energy saving.

  • Integrated LED Solar Street Light Features: The integrated solar street light combines today's best green energy portfolio (solar, semiconductor LED light source, lithium battery). It uses a number of excellent practical control technologies such as microcontroller, thermal infrared human body induction, and simple integrated structure design to achieve low performance, high brightness, long life and maintenance-free performance. The performance is also very good.

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