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High Mast Lighting pole With Lifting System drives the lifting and lowering of the lamp panel through components such as an electric motor, a worm gear reducer, a safety coupling, a main wire rope, a secondary wire rope, a rope splitter and a movable pulley block. The worm gear reducer has strong self-locking ability, compact transmission and large transmission ratio. In order to reduce the worm gear and worm gear ratio and reduce the rising torque, a set of moving pulleys is added to make the lifting speed of the lamp plate less than 0.2 m/s. . The main wire rope is connected to the wire rope of the lamp pair through the rope separator to avoid the entanglement of the secondary wire due to the stretching of the main wire.
The lifting pulley block adopts hot-dip galvanized A3 steel bracket, stainless steel shaft and copper pulley to ensure flexible operation under normal atmospheric conditions. The surface of the working part of the lamp wheel that is in contact with the surface of the high pole lamp post is subjected to a rubber thermocompression bonding process. In order to fully guarantee the automatic stop when the lamp panel reaches the limit position, the lamp disc is equipped with a reliable limit switch with rising and falling movements, and has over-travel protection. The lifting of the outdoor high pole light panel is achieved by changing the direction of rotation of the motor.
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  • High Mast Light With Lifting System In the rectangular inner cavity at the bottom of the lift type high pole light, a lifting system such as a motor is installed in addition to the electrical control system. The electrical control system is installed inside the pole to avoid the malfunction of the lifting movement caused by the harsh outdoor environment. Various circuit overload protection devices are provided in the electrical control system.

  • HDG galvanized Steel High Mast Lighting Pole with lifting system High lamp series lighting is the most widely used in the large area lighting project which is the most effective form of a light source configuration, mainly is suitable for the ports, airports, high ways, urban square, multi-layer interoperable overpass, stadium, etc need large area focus lighting places, is a functional lighting products. Main rod is made of high qualified steel plate manufacturing, lamp plate frame type, enclosed, ball type, landscape a variety of forms, such as more than 25meters high, concentrated light, intensity of illumination, create similar daytime visibility conditions, lighting , light and high uniformity.

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