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High Mast Lighting Pole heightfrom 18 m to 50m,Suit for Airport ,seaport,plaza,stadium ,square,highway station,street way ,etc;Shape round or polygon,MaterialQ345B/A572,minimum yield strength>=345n/mm2,Q235B/A36,minimum yield strength>=235n/mm2,Torrance of dimension+- 2% .

High Mast Lighting Pole lighting source400 W- 5000 W high pressure sodium flood light,light extension :up to 30000 m²,Light plateVarious figure of selection ,material with hot dip galvanization steel frame,Lifting system Lifter fixed in the inner of the pole with lifting speed of 3~5 meter per minute.

High Mast Lighting Pole equipped eantiferromagnetism brake and break proof device,manual operation applied under power cut Electric appliance control device Electric appliance box to be be the hold of the pole ,lifting operation could be 5 meter away from the pole through wire .Time control and light control could be equipped to realize full-load lighting mode and part lighting mode surface treatment Hot dip galvanized Following ASTM A 123, color polyester power or any other standard by client required.Joint of Poles Insert mode,inner flange mode,face to face joint mode .Design of poleAgainst earthquake of 8 grade,Wind Speed 80 Km/Hour.

High-mast lighting is a tall pole with lighting attached to the top pointing towards the ground, usually but not always used to light a highway or recreational field. It is used at sites that require lighting over a large area. The pole that the lighting is mounted on is generally at least 30 m (98 ft) tall (under this height it is referred to as conventional lighting system),while the lighting consists of a luminaire ring surrounding the pole with one or several independent lighting fixtures mounted around it. Most units have four, six or eight lights in the ring, with three, five, ten, twelve and sixteen lights used in rarer instances. While most high-mast lights are high-pressure sodium, other types such as mercury vapor, metal halide and LED, have also been used. Some units have the lighting surrounded by a circular shield to prevent or reduce light pollution or light trespass from affecting neighbourhoods adjacent to the highway.

Maintenance of these systems are done by lowering the luminaire ring from the mast head to the base using a winch and motor to the ground or at a height accessible by a cherry picker and located in areas to allow for easier access without disrupting traffic.

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  • High Mast Light With Lifting System In the rectangular inner cavity at the bottom of the lift type high pole light, a lifting system such as a motor is installed in addition to the electrical control system. The electrical control system is installed inside the pole to avoid the malfunction of the lifting movement caused by the harsh outdoor environment. Various circuit overload protection devices are provided in the electrical control system.

  • Quick Details of High Mast Lights For Plaza:Place of Origin:Yangzhou, China;High Mast Light for plaza Material:Steel

  • HDG galvanized Steel High Mast Lighting Pole with lifting system High lamp series lighting is the most widely used in the large area lighting project which is the most effective form of a light source configuration, mainly is suitable for the ports, airports, high ways, urban square, multi-layer interoperable overpass, stadium, etc need large area focus lighting places, is a functional lighting products. Main rod is made of high qualified steel plate manufacturing, lamp plate frame type, enclosed, ball type, landscape a variety of forms, such as more than 25meters high, concentrated light, intensity of illumination, create similar daytime visibility conditions, lighting , light and high uniformity.

  • High Mast Light for dock,The shape usually are dodecagon or octagonal conical pole, by high strength steel plate after cutting, bending,automatic welding, the general height is 25m, 30m and 35, the maximum wind resistance design of up to 60 meters / second.

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